At Imexel, we provide controlling solutions. We are specialized in electronic speed controllers, transformers, transformer controllers and frequency inverters for pumps and fans, both for HVAC and refrigeration industries.

Imexel offers a standard range of products. Our company’s main strengths are the development of custom-made controllers and the possibility we offer the client to produce under a private label. Our products are manufactured according to European standards and regulations. This way, we can offer high-quality products at attractive prices, while also providing customers with the best possible service. Through an intense cooperation with clients, our motivated and experienced staff will find the ideal solution for their needs. After all, customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

Next to that, Imexel is still a flexible niche provider of customer-specific controlling systems for original equipment manufacturers, distributors, and many more in many different sectors. This great diversification in sales markets is an important factor in the company’s international market success.

Dany Robbé
Managing Director

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