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CO2 Sensor

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  • ES899_1

A Good indoor air quality is essential for performance, comfort and working environment. This is especially the case in buildings where many people are present in a limited area, e.g. schools, offices, lecture halls and shopping malls. Correct temperature and CO2 levels will improve the air quality considerably and also compensate for the discomfort experienced in very tight buildings.

CO2 sensors from Imexel are equipped with an integrated thermometer and regulator. Consequently it can be used as an independent control unit for ventilation plants. The sensor can also serve as sensor in more complicated plants.


24VDC +/-10% 3VA - 24VAC +/-10% 6,4VA
0 -10V
Led on front
0 - 200 ppm
0 - 10V 15mA
Terminal blocks
Plastic IP32
These Co2 sensors comply with following mentioned European norms:
Low voltage directive DIN EN 60730-1
RoHS directive 2002/95/EC, each depending on technical specification.


Special for ventilation systems. Discrete design makes the sensors suitable for homes, schools and offices.
High quality and low price. Maintenance free.
Easy mounting and installation