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Industrial single–phase speed controllers for voltage controllable motors, with high benefits and applicable for all kinds
of industrial facilities. The ERV series works from 3A to 10A and controls the motor speed with a signal 0-10VDc/10-0Vdc or 4-20mA/20-4mA.
Each series incorporate luminous ON/OFF switch, internal minimum and maximum speed adjust, fan stop set point, fuse protection and sealed box (IP54).


230Vac / 50 Hz
3A - 10A according model
0,2A - 1A according model
0-10Vdc/10-0Vdc or 4-20mA/20-4mA
Luminous switch on side
In switch
Minimum and maximum speed
Stop set point fan
230Vac not controlled (L1) and min.-100% controlled
Fuse 1x 3A - 14A (type HF)
Terminal block
Plastic ABS-V0, RAL 7035, IP54


Special for ventilation systems, flow proportion reduction of centrifugal pumps.
High quality and low price
Easy installation