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SR 121

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  • SR 121

This thermostat switches on or off one or several loads (for example, ventilators or heating systems) up to a total current of 16A (4A in case of a motor load). This is important in case of stall ventilation systems, the machine and transformer rooms and green houses when the required desired values are exceeded and not reached. 
The desired value (scale value) is set by means of the rotary knob, the sensor must be installed in the air circulation in the room and not in “dead corners” or directly close to heating an cooling equipment or windows.
The thermostat is resistant to vapour containing ammoniac and salt air.


250 Vac
16 (4) A
Switch over contact
Temperature setting 0 -40°C
-20 ... +50°C
Switch over contact
Terminal block
IP 54


Special for ventilation systems
High quality an low price
easy installation